Rewind to the 70's

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 Popular show available to radio stations for FREE.
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I would like to introduce you to CF Radio Productions. 

A non profit organisation formed to assist small Radio Stations to broadcast top quality music programs FREE of charge.

The only requirement is that the stations must be licensed and are paying copyright fees to their Country administrators.

Please note, with all productions, you are not purchasing the ownership or copyright of any music/effects used in your productions. It is down to you to ensure that there is no copyright infringement and you have the valid licences for broadcast. 

By using this service you are verifying that Colin French is not liable for any copyright infringement.


Although all care is taken when  writing the names of files, sometimes accidents do happen .Please check files names on receipt so your automation will work correctly.


Colin has had an interest in radio since a child when he ''broadcast'' old 78's around the neighbourhood. He had his first taste in the industry as a panel operator.

He also worked on commercial broadcasting stations both on air and behind the scene as a voice talent. 

In the early 80's he produced a 60's top 40 show on Community Radio in Bankstown and later Liverpool in Sydney  NSW Australia.

After a move to Bundaberg he helped set up the town's first Community Station and later worked on a second station. Seven years later the family moved to Tasmania where he was to retire but Colin's interest in everything radio raised its head again. 

He spent a short time presenting Christian pop music on the internet station ''The Journey'' at lunchtime Central time in the US. Later he opened his own Internet radio, Goodtime Oldies playing exclusively 60's classics complete with jingles of the time. Unfortunately he found as many hobby web casters did, the Government fees were beyond him and closed the station after 9 years. 

During this time Colin found that producing programmes for other small broadcasters satisfying and has opened this website so the stations can obtain these for FREE.